A drive for the old folks – with It’s JDM/MDM Yo!!!

IJMYCHARITY (1 of 1) I gathered with the guys from It’s JDM/MDM Yo!!! during that morning. With a mission that bears no connection to motoring but we shall get to that later. Let me introduce to you the latest group to roam the streets of KK.
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Wan’s 04′ Kancil – It’s MDM yo!!!

wan's05'kancil (1 of 1)It’s rare to see someone who opts to perfect his wimp but still retaining it’s MDM roots. And that is where it matters the most, roots. Don’t get me wrong guys, I too like to rock JDM on my ride but rocking MDM? sentiki for you!! So here’s a 850EZ Limited Edition Kancil owned by fellow member of It’s JDM/MDM Yo!!! – Wan.

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