A drive for the old folks – with It’s JDM/MDM Yo!!!

IJMYCHARITY (1 of 1) I gathered with the guys from It’s JDM/MDM Yo!!! during that morning. With a mission that bears no connection to motoring but we shall get to that later. Let me introduce to you the latest group to roam the streets of KK.
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Rahway Rides – Fiz’s 03′ Vios

viosfiz (30 of 1) As the car parked in front of me I began to wonder. In KK, the customizing scene has began to take roots in a much more younger crowd. Back in the days, it used to extend to rims or stickers but these days younger motorist are beginning to take things seriously.
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PARKED : Boyz’s Stanced Gino

parkedginoBoyz is apart of the It’s JDM/MDM Yo!!! crew. A late night of hanging out gave me the opportunity to snap his ride. A quick run-thru of this wimp of his. As most of you might realize, this is a Kelisa at its based with a JDM Gino bodykit installed on it. Although while others choose to original, Boyz chose to apply his personal taste to it. And the result is a classic styled ride with a youthful twist. With all sorts of JDM knick-knacks in it, he ticks all the boxes for a JDM converted ride. Top that off with a set of XXR 530 styled rims we have a real winner for a daily driver. That is if you love bumping tho!

Motoring : KK Motoring Community Giving Back

wocs (1 of 1)Some time ago someone place the idea that vehicle ownership is not a privilege but a responsibility. I gotta say, thanks for the wake up call Wadie. So here I’m on this very day to see members of the Kay-kay’s motoring clans to come out and lend a hand instead of burning rubber or sound blasting. It was a clear sign that they were more focused into the charity work at hand that day to the point that the didn’t even bother to clean up their vehicle.
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Wan’s 04′ Kancil – It’s MDM yo!!!

wan's05'kancil (1 of 1)It’s rare to see someone who opts to perfect his wimp but still retaining it’s MDM roots. And that is where it matters the most, roots. Don’t get me wrong guys, I too like to rock JDM on my ride but rocking MDM? sentiki for you!! So here’s a 850EZ Limited Edition Kancil owned by fellow member of It’s JDM/MDM Yo!!! – Wan.

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