Fiesta Belia 1 Malaysia Carnival – An Autoshow in Papar.

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I had my weekend off from work and was offered by a fellow friend to join in on some fun in the Autoshow held in Papar.

autoshow (1 of 24)Upon arriving we were welcomed by the hot scorching sun. WOCS decided to high tail it to the nearby restaurant for breather. Imran of WOCS just purchased the GoPro HD Hero3 and I’m hoping for some super cool photos to be contributed by him.

autoshow (5 of 24)When we got back to the autoshow I started scanning about for some interesting rides and came across this awesome Datsun. J-plates and over fenders? recipe for old school hotness if you ask me.

autoshow (6 of 24)Work Equip shoes on them just made the car even cooler with an added vibe of old-school racer boy look to the car.

autoshow (4 of 24)Certificates are nice but a helmet as a decoration? he means business.

autoshow (3 of 24)You just can’t ignore an E36 3 series. The colour gave a refreshed look to the car and a tuck job in the rear further emphasized his individuality to this ride. Too bad the EDM craze is a little to expensive to adopt here in Malaysia.

autoshow (7 of 24)With the second hand value of Satrias getting lower and lower, many has opted to choose one a the vehicle of choice to mod. Let us not forget the ample availability of parts to choose from. Noticed the scissor doors?

autoshow (11 of 24)I owed this friend of mind a photo since way back when – just never got the opportunity to throw in the star seat bro. Boy was this thing low…

autoshow (17 of 24)We had to put in effort to ensure he does not bite the grass!

autoshow (20 of 24)In true WOCS fashion, when there is one to be found – there will be others.

autoshow (19 of 24)Notice the Wira with the Asti front? that belongs to the President of the WOCS.

autoshow (10 of 24)This is one mean ride, tailored to suit the driver and while it might look sedated to the untrained eye, I do not recommend you to ‘chase’ this car.

autoshow (13 of 24)When you have a line up of great looking cars, people tend to……

autoshow (15 of 24)notice and use it as a background on the official ceremony of the event. Makes for a good photo right?

autoshow (18 of 24)The day was coming to an end and people started leaving bit by bit.

autoshow (16 of 24)This rider caught my attention with his Trojan helmet.

autoshow (12 of 24)With the sun setting, the soundblaster boys took it away blasting beats into the evening.

autoshow (24 of 24)I’ve always loved his D1000 grill. Anyway that can fit a Kelisa?

autoshow (22 of 24)I want to assert that we car lovers are not rule breakers. Here’s the owner of the car replacing the plates on his car. Respect.

autoshow (23 of 24)StanceMovement was a little late to join the party but they did make the journey to papar. I had to leave by then! Hope to see you guys at the next event!



Dyno session with Cheeleengwoo

dynojet (1 of 16)So I’ve been delaying the story of Cheeleengwoo’s build for quite some time but I guess there was a bigger reason for all of that as I scrambled to Kelombong heading toward U Motorsport’s workshop.

A little bit of an introduction is in order now. U Motorsport is one of the few workshops in town that has a Dyno facility built in to the shop. Cheeleengwoo has lately acquired a piggyback ECU to add on to his list of upgrades for the Myvi (We joked it to be the Myvi Paling Best Edition) and has opted to visit local tuner Ricky for the car’s mapping.

As I walked in to the clean and humble setup of U Motorsport, I was greeted with sight of a built guy hooking up the upgrades to ol’ Cheeleengwoo.

dynojet (3 of 16)Having a dyno facility allow for in house tuning for the vehicles that hires Ricky’s expertise. Apart from that, dyno facilities are usually a way to ensure that your vehicles reach the targeted amount of horses after the installations of your mods. Though with that all said, there are plenty of factors why people tend to miss those targets and these facilities are primarily just a diagnostic tool to assist tuners in their work.

Troubleshooting is my conclusion at the end of the day as Terrence (one of their partners) explains that the dyno can be used to check the ‘health’ of everyday vehicles to see what is failing and ensure that the vehicles are performing at the proper levels. Interesting eh? Terrence told me that they are working on a package where by it will be affordable to the average joes like you and me (fancy a dyno session for your daily driver? I know I do)

dynojet (4 of 16)Looking around as Ricky was working his magic was this matte gun metal greyish Impreza. Damn. Miss my days in working with Borneo Tuner as my boss would treat to a ride in his wimp every now and then.

dynojet (5 of 16)Also another S15 Silvia out in the front. These babies are getting rarer by the day and I would love to get my hands one even for half an hour. (Please call me if anyone is willing to)

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It was interesting to see how these things work! this is the first time I’ve seen one in action an it’s been a learning experience for the day.

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There are plenty of ways where by tuners go thru to achieve their figure and I’m glad to see that we have these facilities to cater to the performance junkies in Sabah. Maybe a trip to another Dyno facility is in order?

dynojet (7 of 16)The dyno is not the mainstay for U Motorsport, they also offer Powerlab solutions for the diesel mongers in town! Can I please get a free key chain? lol.

dynojet (8 of 16)Lubricants ranges from a couple of brands but currently they are featuring Voltronics products at the shop.

dynojet (10 of 16)There are plenty of parts lying about the shop with gauges being my pet peeves I can’t help but noticing this. Correct me if I’m wrong but thats a fuel regulator with a Mines gauge on it right? certainly a change from the norms of Tomei and Sard.

dynojet (11 of 16)What about an APEXi turbo?

dynojet (13 of 16)It’s the little little things that brings a certain persona to a shop with a GReddy plastic chair lying about? hard to say that they are not into car man!

dynojet (15 of 16)The shop is really neat and controlled as everything is usually back in it’s own place once work is done. How I wish I had these at home. Okay, okay, I won’t even use 10% of those tools but hey, a man can always wish right?

dynojet (12 of 16)The day went on with the loud sound of the rollers coming to life and being put thru their paces. Every now and then the accompanying sound of the blowoff comes into play which gave me a jump especially when it comes from such a compact package.

dynojet (14 of 16)I’ve gotta say that I’m glad that they allowed me to document the whole thing. But as the day came slowly to an end I realized that this wouldn’t be my last visit here.

dynojet (16 of 16)With a couple of snags met during the process we were running out of daylight. U Motorsports tries to not run the dyno after working hours as it creates a loud noise everytime it runs. As for boost in performance? I can safely say that Cheeleengwoo left with a big smile on his face with a stout performance boost but with the encounter of little issues, we were promised a higher amount of horses once we came back after rectifying the issue. I for one can’t wait for the second tuning visit.

Road Trippin with the W.O.C.S


So I was invited to join the W.O.C.S club for their trip to Ranau. As the usual tradition would predict, we all gathered at KK’s very own Daikoku – Harbour City.


Needless to say everybody was stoke to get on the road. Those who decided to not drive (like me) hitch a ride with another member for the trip.


It was a hot day for a road trip but KK’s weather has been steady for a while now, perfect for a road trip then?


Initial check ups were done to avoid any problems on the road. True to the fashion of W.O.C.S, everyone helped out and pitched in.


I’ve gotten to be quite close to these group of motorist. Something that I have to admit that I’m glad of. They always made me feel quite at home although I don’t own a Wira (Does being the ex owner of a 1.6Xli Wira count?) Oh notice anything about this guy’s ride in the foreground?


That’s the beauty of W.O.C.S, they have an off branch club called the W.O.C.S Family that caters to members that do not own a Wira but is still a big part of the club. Allowing for a strong fellowship in the club. Dammit, I need to get my WF sticker soon.


Guess who’s whip did I manage to ride on? None other than the famous Candy Red Wira! Buridos (Bride pronounced in Japan) never felt soooooo good.


Everyone drove in an orderly fashion, so what is all this rumour about car enthusiast being the thugs on the local roads?


Car hunting on road trips are fun. You should try it! just grab a camera today!


It was a little hard to keep the convoy going up the hill with the raining conditions. With the Wira platform being so versatile with access to several different powerplants, some of the member managed to get further a lot sooner than the others. Me? I was fighting off the urge to nap as the Burido seat was hugging me so comfortably that I nod off during a few corners. Wadie’s wira reminded me why I love this car so much.


A few of us reach Nabalu and decided to give their steeds a rest. Nothing like a quick show off right? However we didn’t manage to enjoy our stay there that much. Word got thru that a vehicle broke down due to a faulty valve spring. We decided to join up with the rest as that member is sorting out the problem with a few other members.

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A comrade down during a road trip is not an easy news to be had. Everybody waited patiently until news came about that the car had to be towed back to town. Youch! think about the charges?

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With much delay added to the plans everyone gathered to get up to speed on the current happenings. With little discussions they headed on to Ranau.

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I gotta say that I’m lovin this green Wira (I said Wira).

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An example of how W.O.C.S Family concept works, Fiez and his Waja is a constant member that I always met during gatherings. I’ve gotta say, that is one wicked Waja. Maybe a story is in line for this humble build?

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There is something about driving around in a car with gauges all around. Makes me wanna get a set for my own ride. Ok I know. I won’t be needing that boost meter.

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We soon made it to Ranau or should I say – Ana? but with accommodations haven’t been settled and everyone was starting to get really tired, we made a bee line for the resthouse and waited for the others.

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Needless to say, we loved where we had to stay for the night. A quick dinner leaded to a much needed r&r for the night.

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I woke up late the next day to be honest, I woke up to the sounds of water spraying everywhere. The resthouse has been generous enough to allow us to wash the vehicle below their resthouse. I left earlier to grab some grub.

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Oh don’t think that this is an event made for the guys only as many members brought their spouse to enjoy the trip with them.

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We had to make way to the sports complex in Ranau for a quick shoot and I really was looking forward to the road there as the photos was gonna be epic.

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The Sports Complex in Ranau is was our location of choice as it allowed for a big space for a shoot.

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Everyone waited patiently as we moved the cars into the right location.

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I’m reminded why I loved to do all this on this trip.

wocs (26 of 38)wocs (27 of 38)wocs (30 of 38)


I wished the weather wasn’t punishing. I could have done a better work on these photos. Sorry guys.

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And when I said killer photos……

wocs (32 of 38)


See what I mean?

wocs (33 of 38)


wocs (31 of 38)


Now I won’t bore you with the photos of half naked guys in Poring but we had another breakdown to tend to.

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Another member was facing a broken fan. Sorry to dissapoint you but no half naked guys here.

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Fizz, who I regard as a strong member of the community and by strong I mean he is always there when a member breaks down. Always managing the clubs ongoings.

Well he was there to lend his handy work. A short tickering later allowed us to get back on the road. Awesome roadside fix, Fizz.

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W.O.C.S has shown me what being in a car club entails. It’s not easy for get a group of different minded people to come together as one and accept them as they come.

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A band of brothers and sisters that will hold you on no matter what.

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It’s been a long 2 days for me but I’m excited to join up on the next one.

Dekotora in Kota Kinabalu? Halilintar’s 4th Anniversary!

HalilintarZM (1 of 1) copyDuring my stint in Borneo Tuner Magazine, I found out this group of transportation truckers in town. I was at their 3rd Anniversary celebration and Neija13 of Kenarianz gave me a *cough last minute *cough information on their anniversary this year. I grabbed what I could and zip off to Tanjung Lipat anticipating their lighting show.

HalilintarADK (2 of 3)Of course the guys of Halilintar did not disappoint my expectations. Did you know what they are essential displaying here is a derivative of the Japanese culture of Dekotora?

HalilintarZM (1 of 10)Dekotora basically means ‘decorative trucks’ where by the truck owners usually installs stainless steel garnishing and lighting. More extreme examples can be found online if you guys were to search for it. Oh guys, these things are rather expensive to invest in! I can understand how these truckers take their source of bread and butter and decorate it to further enhance the looks of their pride and joy.

HalilintarZM (4 of 10)Although lately it their influences is not only coming from the land of the the rising sun, these days they are starting to pay attention to the trends coming from Thailand. Notice the mix of bright colours in the photo? thats Thailand flava!

HalilintarZM (5 of 10)Chrome plays a big role in their decorative cues.

HalilintarZM (8 of 10)During their event a competition is held to determine who has the best truck. I had to say I wouldn’t be able to be a judge as I myself am learning to understand what is the trend and the rarity parts available.

HalilintarZM (10 of 10)Also A.D Khairil Suhaili of SixthinderaStudio is now one of Rahway’s Contributors!

HalilintarADK (1 of 3)I did my normal thing of moving about and seeing how things we being done in our local ‘Dekotora’ scene. One thing is for sure, the number of truck are growing!

HalilintarZM (3 of 10)Halilintar admitted that this year the celebration is a little smaller compared to last year but hey, you can’t go big every year right? I for one, am looking forward to next year’s celebration as I know it is gonna be super huge!

HalilintarZM (6 of 10)One thing that was great to notice is how the clubs and groups work together to achieve their goals in KK.HalilintarZM (7 of 10)Which helps us to show that motoring is indeed a clean sports in Sabah.HalilintarZM (9 of 10)As the night loomed on we had to cut our time there.HalilintarADK (3 of 3)Here’s to next year guys!


PARKED : Boyz’s Stanced Gino

parkedginoBoyz is apart of the It’s JDM/MDM Yo!!! crew. A late night of hanging out gave me the opportunity to snap his ride. A quick run-thru of this wimp of his. As most of you might realize, this is a Kelisa at its based with a JDM Gino bodykit installed on it. Although while others choose to original, Boyz chose to apply his personal taste to it. And the result is a classic styled ride with a youthful twist. With all sorts of JDM knick-knacks in it, he ticks all the boxes for a JDM converted ride. Top that off with a set of XXR 530 styled rims we have a real winner for a daily driver. That is if you love bumping tho!