Rahway Streetwear was an idea that I have molded during my days as an In-House Photographer for a local magazine. Upon leaving the magazine to pursue other avenues I decided share the idea with three other individual and from there we took the first steps to creating our homebrew streetwear brand.

Our core concepts and designs holds close to the things we cherish in life the most – which encapsulates cars, fashion and lifestyle. We try our best in pushing out only the best products out – if it is not good enough for us, we won’t sell it.

The Team

Rahwayshoot1 (4 of 1)-2 Zul

Founder, Professional Photographer.

Started as a photographer that has had his hands in event, portrait, pageantry and documentary – he later on landed a job in Sabah’s own Borneo Tuner Magazine as the In House Photographer. Gathering more experience as time passes by he decided to part ways with the magazine and build a streetwear brand surrounded by the things he loved the most in his life. Cars, Photography and Style. With the help of 3 other partners, Rahway came to reality and we are slowly molding the brand to fit our vision.

“I have carefully planned the birth of Jesselton’s own streetwear brand. It’s taking time to fully bring my ideas to reality but I sure you guys enjoy it. From design to quality” -Zul

rahwayshots (1 of 1)-2


Logistics and Sales

Hairi has a background in sales he also helps out with the movement of stocks and general transportation of material and personal. Hairi has a soft spot for cars in general and a special soft spot for his beloved Kelisa. With a keen eye for rare mods and setups Hairi lends his hand for our photographer when we are out hunting for cars.

“Style is monumental to me, I aim to provide that for all of you” -Hairi


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