Fiesta Belia 1 Malaysia Carnival – An Autoshow in Papar.

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I had my weekend off from work and was offered by a fellow friend to join in on some fun in the Autoshow held in Papar.

autoshow (1 of 24)Upon arriving we were welcomed by the hot scorching sun. WOCS decided to high tail it to the nearby restaurant for breather. Imran of WOCS just purchased the GoPro HD Hero3 and I’m hoping for some super cool photos to be contributed by him.

autoshow (5 of 24)When we got back to the autoshow I started scanning about for some interesting rides and came across this awesome Datsun. J-plates and over fenders? recipe for old school hotness if you ask me.

autoshow (6 of 24)Work Equip shoes on them just made the car even cooler with an added vibe of old-school racer boy look to the car.

autoshow (4 of 24)Certificates are nice but a helmet as a decoration? he means business.

autoshow (3 of 24)You just can’t ignore an E36 3 series. The colour gave a refreshed look to the car and a tuck job in the rear further emphasized his individuality to this ride. Too bad the EDM craze is a little to expensive to adopt here in Malaysia.

autoshow (7 of 24)With the second hand value of Satrias getting lower and lower, many has opted to choose one a the vehicle of choice to mod. Let us not forget the ample availability of parts to choose from. Noticed the scissor doors?

autoshow (11 of 24)I owed this friend of mind a photo since way back when – just never got the opportunity to throw in the star seat bro. Boy was this thing low…

autoshow (17 of 24)We had to put in effort to ensure he does not bite the grass!

autoshow (20 of 24)In true WOCS fashion, when there is one to be found – there will be others.

autoshow (19 of 24)Notice the Wira with the Asti front? that belongs to the President of the WOCS.

autoshow (10 of 24)This is one mean ride, tailored to suit the driver and while it might look sedated to the untrained eye, I do not recommend you to ‘chase’ this car.

autoshow (13 of 24)When you have a line up of great looking cars, people tend to……

autoshow (15 of 24)notice and use it as a background on the official ceremony of the event. Makes for a good photo right?

autoshow (18 of 24)The day was coming to an end and people started leaving bit by bit.

autoshow (16 of 24)This rider caught my attention with his Trojan helmet.

autoshow (12 of 24)With the sun setting, the soundblaster boys took it away blasting beats into the evening.

autoshow (24 of 24)I’ve always loved his D1000 grill. Anyway that can fit a Kelisa?

autoshow (22 of 24)I want to assert that we car lovers are not rule breakers. Here’s the owner of the car replacing the plates on his car. Respect.

autoshow (23 of 24)StanceMovement was a little late to join the party but they did make the journey to papar. I had to leave by then! Hope to see you guys at the next event!