Dyno session with Cheeleengwoo

dynojet (1 of 16)So I’ve been delaying the story of Cheeleengwoo’s build for quite some time but I guess there was a bigger reason for all of that as I scrambled to Kelombong heading toward U Motorsport’s workshop.

A little bit of an introduction is in order now. U Motorsport is one of the few workshops in town that has a Dyno facility built in to the shop. Cheeleengwoo has lately acquired a piggyback ECU to add on to his list of upgrades for the Myvi (We joked it to be the Myvi Paling Best Edition) and has opted to visit local tuner Ricky for the car’s mapping.

As I walked in to the clean and humble setup of U Motorsport, I was greeted with sight of a built guy hooking up the upgrades to ol’ Cheeleengwoo.

dynojet (3 of 16)Having a dyno facility allow for in house tuning for the vehicles that hires Ricky’s expertise. Apart from that, dyno facilities are usually a way to ensure that your vehicles reach the targeted amount of horses after the installations of your mods. Though with that all said, there are plenty of factors why people tend to miss those targets and these facilities are primarily just a diagnostic tool to assist tuners in their work.

Troubleshooting is my conclusion at the end of the day as Terrence (one of their partners) explains that the dyno can be used to check the ‘health’ of everyday vehicles to see what is failing and ensure that the vehicles are performing at the proper levels. Interesting eh? Terrence told me that they are working on a package where by it will be affordable to the average joes like you and me (fancy a dyno session for your daily driver? I know I do)

dynojet (4 of 16)Looking around as Ricky was working his magic was this matte gun metal greyish Impreza. Damn. Miss my days in working with Borneo Tuner as my boss would treat to a ride in his wimp every now and then.

dynojet (5 of 16)Also another S15 Silvia out in the front. These babies are getting rarer by the day and I would love to get my hands one even for half an hour. (Please call me if anyone is willing to)

dynojet (2 of 16)

It was interesting to see how these things work! this is the first time I’ve seen one in action an it’s been a learning experience for the day.

dynojet (2 of 16)
There are plenty of ways where by tuners go thru to achieve their figure and I’m glad to see that we have these facilities to cater to the performance junkies in Sabah. Maybe a trip to another Dyno facility is in order?

dynojet (7 of 16)The dyno is not the mainstay for U Motorsport, they also offer Powerlab solutions for the diesel mongers in town! Can I please get a free key chain? lol.

dynojet (8 of 16)Lubricants ranges from a couple of brands but currently they are featuring Voltronics products at the shop.

dynojet (10 of 16)There are plenty of parts lying about the shop with gauges being my pet peeves I can’t help but noticing this. Correct me if I’m wrong but thats a fuel regulator with a Mines gauge on it right? certainly a change from the norms of Tomei and Sard.

dynojet (11 of 16)What about an APEXi turbo?

dynojet (13 of 16)It’s the little little things that brings a certain persona to a shop with a GReddy plastic chair lying about? hard to say that they are not into car man!

dynojet (15 of 16)The shop is really neat and controlled as everything is usually back in it’s own place once work is done. How I wish I had these at home. Okay, okay, I won’t even use 10% of those tools but hey, a man can always wish right?

dynojet (12 of 16)The day went on with the loud sound of the rollers coming to life and being put thru their paces. Every now and then the accompanying sound of the blowoff comes into play which gave me a jump especially when it comes from such a compact package.

dynojet (14 of 16)I’ve gotta say that I’m glad that they allowed me to document the whole thing. But as the day came slowly to an end I realized that this wouldn’t be my last visit here.

dynojet (16 of 16)With a couple of snags met during the process we were running out of daylight. U Motorsports tries to not run the dyno after working hours as it creates a loud noise everytime it runs. As for boost in performance? I can safely say that Cheeleengwoo left with a big smile on his face with a stout performance boost but with the encounter of little issues, we were promised a higher amount of horses once we came back after rectifying the issue. I for one can’t wait for the second tuning visit.