Road Trippin with the W.O.C.S


So I was invited to join the W.O.C.S club for their trip to Ranau. As the usual tradition would predict, we all gathered at KK’s very own Daikoku – Harbour City.


Needless to say everybody was stoke to get on the road. Those who decided to not drive (like me) hitch a ride with another member for the trip.


It was a hot day for a road trip but KK’s weather has been steady for a while now, perfect for a road trip then?


Initial check ups were done to avoid any problems on the road. True to the fashion of W.O.C.S, everyone helped out and pitched in.


I’ve gotten to be quite close to these group of motorist. Something that I have to admit that I’m glad of. They always made me feel quite at home although I don’t own a Wira (Does being the ex owner of a 1.6Xli Wira count?) Oh notice anything about this guy’s ride in the foreground?


That’s the beauty of W.O.C.S, they have an off branch club called the W.O.C.S Family that caters to members that do not own a Wira but is still a big part of the club. Allowing for a strong fellowship in the club. Dammit, I need to get my WF sticker soon.


Guess who’s whip did I manage to ride on? None other than the famous Candy Red Wira! Buridos (Bride pronounced in Japan) never felt soooooo good.


Everyone drove in an orderly fashion, so what is all this rumour about car enthusiast being the thugs on the local roads?


Car hunting on road trips are fun. You should try it! just grab a camera today!


It was a little hard to keep the convoy going up the hill with the raining conditions. With the Wira platform being so versatile with access to several different powerplants, some of the member managed to get further a lot sooner than the others. Me? I was fighting off the urge to nap as the Burido seat was hugging me so comfortably that I nod off during a few corners. Wadie’s wira reminded me why I love this car so much.


A few of us reach Nabalu and decided to give their steeds a rest. Nothing like a quick show off right? However we didn’t manage to enjoy our stay there that much. Word got thru that a vehicle broke down due to a faulty valve spring. We decided to join up with the rest as that member is sorting out the problem with a few other members.

wocs (12 of 38)


A comrade down during a road trip is not an easy news to be had. Everybody waited patiently until news came about that the car had to be towed back to town. Youch! think about the charges?

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With much delay added to the plans everyone gathered to get up to speed on the current happenings. With little discussions they headed on to Ranau.

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I gotta say that I’m lovin this green Wira (I said Wira).

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An example of how W.O.C.S Family concept works, Fiez and his Waja is a constant member that I always met during gatherings. I’ve gotta say, that is one wicked Waja. Maybe a story is in line for this humble build?

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There is something about driving around in a car with gauges all around. Makes me wanna get a set for my own ride. Ok I know. I won’t be needing that boost meter.

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We soon made it to Ranau or should I say – Ana? but with accommodations haven’t been settled and everyone was starting to get really tired, we made a bee line for the resthouse and waited for the others.

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Needless to say, we loved where we had to stay for the night. A quick dinner leaded to a much needed r&r for the night.

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I woke up late the next day to be honest, I woke up to the sounds of water spraying everywhere. The resthouse has been generous enough to allow us to wash the vehicle below their resthouse. I left earlier to grab some grub.

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Oh don’t think that this is an event made for the guys only as many members brought their spouse to enjoy the trip with them.

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We had to make way to the sports complex in Ranau for a quick shoot and I really was looking forward to the road there as the photos was gonna be epic.

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The Sports Complex in Ranau is was our location of choice as it allowed for a big space for a shoot.

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Everyone waited patiently as we moved the cars into the right location.

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I’m reminded why I loved to do all this on this trip.

wocs (26 of 38)wocs (27 of 38)wocs (30 of 38)


I wished the weather wasn’t punishing. I could have done a better work on these photos. Sorry guys.

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And when I said killer photos……

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See what I mean?

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Now I won’t bore you with the photos of half naked guys in Poring but we had another breakdown to tend to.

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Another member was facing a broken fan. Sorry to dissapoint you but no half naked guys here.

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Fizz, who I regard as a strong member of the community and by strong I mean he is always there when a member breaks down. Always managing the clubs ongoings.

Well he was there to lend his handy work. A short tickering later allowed us to get back on the road. Awesome roadside fix, Fizz.

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W.O.C.S has shown me what being in a car club entails. It’s not easy for get a group of different minded people to come together as one and accept them as they come.

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A band of brothers and sisters that will hold you on no matter what.

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It’s been a long 2 days for me but I’m excited to join up on the next one.