Dekotora in Kota Kinabalu? Halilintar’s 4th Anniversary!

HalilintarZM (1 of 1) copyDuring my stint in Borneo Tuner Magazine, I found out this group of transportation truckers in town. I was at their 3rd Anniversary celebration and Neija13 of Kenarianz gave me a *cough last minute *cough information on their anniversary this year. I grabbed what I could and zip off to Tanjung Lipat anticipating their lighting show.

HalilintarADK (2 of 3)Of course the guys of Halilintar did not disappoint my expectations. Did you know what they are essential displaying here is a derivative of the Japanese culture of Dekotora?

HalilintarZM (1 of 10)Dekotora basically means ‘decorative trucks’ where by the truck owners usually installs stainless steel garnishing and lighting. More extreme examples can be found online if you guys were to search for it. Oh guys, these things are rather expensive to invest in! I can understand how these truckers take their source of bread and butter and decorate it to further enhance the looks of their pride and joy.

HalilintarZM (4 of 10)Although lately it their influences is not only coming from the land of the the rising sun, these days they are starting to pay attention to the trends coming from Thailand. Notice the mix of bright colours in the photo? thats Thailand flava!

HalilintarZM (5 of 10)Chrome plays a big role in their decorative cues.

HalilintarZM (8 of 10)During their event a competition is held to determine who has the best truck. I had to say I wouldn’t be able to be a judge as I myself am learning to understand what is the trend and the rarity parts available.

HalilintarZM (10 of 10)Also A.D Khairil Suhaili of SixthinderaStudio is now one of Rahway’s Contributors!

HalilintarADK (1 of 3)I did my normal thing of moving about and seeing how things we being done in our local ‘Dekotora’ scene. One thing is for sure, the number of truck are growing!

HalilintarZM (3 of 10)Halilintar admitted that this year the celebration is a little smaller compared to last year but hey, you can’t go big every year right? I for one, am looking forward to next year’s celebration as I know it is gonna be super huge!

HalilintarZM (6 of 10)One thing that was great to notice is how the clubs and groups work together to achieve their goals in KK.HalilintarZM (7 of 10)Which helps us to show that motoring is indeed a clean sports in Sabah.HalilintarZM (9 of 10)As the night loomed on we had to cut our time there.HalilintarADK (3 of 3)Here’s to next year guys!