Hanging ten with W.O.C.S of Zone 8

WOCSZONE8 (1 of 1) copySo while we were in Tawau, we managed to meet up with the guys of W.O.C.S of Zone 8. Being very familiar with this group made me feel right at home rather quickly.
WOCSZONE8 (3 of 4)Wadie brought us down to meet them up. I guess it shows that the Tawau Drag put quite a strain as it has been a very heavy day. But being around friendly faces allowed us to chill after a long day of work.
WOCSZONE8 (1 of 4)The guys of Zone 8 informed us of their routine activities with normally includes sporting event. Talk about keeping healthy huh?
WOCSZONE8 (1 of 3) copyXXR styled rims are really big here huh? This was actually my first choice of rims when I had to choose the new set of shoes for my Kelisa.
WOCSZONE8 (4 of 4)It was rather tough to get everyone into our story so we continued to the Daikoku of Tawau and ended up with the photo below.
WOCSZONE8 (1 of 2)I have to appologize for taking such a long time to get this photo done. We normally don’t do group photos but there is always a first time for everything right?
WOCSZONE8 (2 of 2)So for now we bit adieu to these guys and I will be coming back with the crew to cover Tawau sometime in the future when situations permits it! Thanks for showing the love guys!