Tawau Drag 2013 : Arrival of the Monsters

For the Part One of the Tawau Drag Story please click hereroadtotawaudrag (1 of 1)Hairi and I scrambled onto our feet that morning with the thought that we were already ultra late, I switched on Waze and made our way to the old airport runaway.

tdragarrivalofmonsters (2 of 63)AND BOY WERE WE LUCKY OR WHAT? the first trailer just arrived when we got on the scene and so our part deux of the Tawau Drag 2013 story moves on.tdragarrivalofmonsters (3 of 63)I don’t think that many people are aware of this, the rivalry on the track does not reflect the spirit of competition displayed by the team members. Every one was helping each other out. I supposed that due to the rarity of an event like this, everyone just want to help each other out so things can run as smoothly as possible.tdragarrivalofmonsters (5 of 63)These guys had to detach the front hood of the Ismakom vehicle before it could be lowered of the trailer.tdragarrivalofmonsters (6 of 63)Interesting front end right?tdragarrivalofmonsters (7 of 63)Two of the garages that we are familiar with are there to compete. Quantum with their Satria above came fully prepared. It also shows that some platforms are a lot more practical than the others.tdragarrivalofmonsters (8 of 63)Take Quantum Autoworks’s Satria for example, those slicks and stands and what nots came out of the vehicle itself! Talk about practicality!tdragarrivalofmonsters (9 of 63)We left Man and his crew to check the rest of the cars. We initially had planned to follow two race teams closely but quickly realized that this Drag Race is bigger than we thought.tdragarrivalofmonsters (10 of 63)Everyone was getting themselves prepared checks were made from the simplest of issues to the rather serious ones.tdragarrivalofmonsters (11 of 63)Meanwhile, to the teams who has done their checks – headed to the Launch Pad to test out the surface.tdragarrivalofmonsters (15 of 63)We walked to the entrance and found out the second trailer came down. Again you see other teams helping out another team with the unloading process.tdragarrivalofmonsters (16 of 63)It’s really no issue since everyone just want to lend a hand in getting things done.tdragarrivalofmonsters (17 of 63)While forgetting to leave the keys might be an issue haha.tdragarrivalofmonsters (19 of 63)Here is Rahway’s favourite. Hafiz runs a Satria too that has gone thru several phases in modification. Currently he’s into drag races and is running a 4G93 single cam variant. He’s one of the few privateers in the race.tdragarrivalofmonsters (20 of 63)Also Rahim was there and it was great to have somebody who would spend his time to explain some of the technical intricacies available in the race. To be honest its the first time that Hairi and I came for this sort of thing and we rendered clueless to some of the setups available. When we met him, he was there to tune Hafiz’s Haltech Sprint 500 installed in the Satria. He also had a role in helping Hafiz getting his setup done.tdragarrivalofmonsters (21 of 63)Guess what we found as we were moving about the main area of the drag race?tdragarrivalofmonsters (22 of 63)Rony Clan’s made an appearance there too with their Subbie. Nice ride man!tdragarrivalofmonsters (23 of 63)Then the third trailer came in. Oh boy was I excited at this point of time!tdragarrivalofmonsters (25 of 63)Some vehicles requires no introductions.tdragarrivalofmonsters (26 of 63)While some others….. well, you know what I mean.tdragarrivalofmonsters (27 of 63)I was great to see the Drag King coming down with his trademark colours. While I was in Borneo Tuner in the past, I never got the chance to witness this beauty in person. Being there just made me react in one way : GET THE PHOTOS RIGHT!tdragarrivalofmonsters (24 of 63)While some others got out there to have a run. It was important as the had to get a feel of what to expect. There is nowhere in KK where you can simulate your race conditions. Well there are a few places but that is for another day.tdragarrivalofmonsters (28 of 63)The whole ‘Helping Out’ theme continued throughout the day. Hafiz was caught helping out the Pasisang team even though he was still doing some last minute preparations on his car.tdragarrivalofmonsters (29 of 63)Compact Garage was doing some last minutes checks and I was amazed at how they can get to check the flywheel…..tdragarrivalofmonsters (30 of 63)Which turned out to be fine. For those of you who noticed the Borneo Safari shirt, this year’s coverage will be covered in the coming issue of Borneo Tuner!tdragarrivalofmonsters (36 of 63)At this point of the day everyone gathered to have their test run on the track.tdragarrivalofmonsters (33 of 63)I can’t help but digging the vibe that comes from Chua Poh Guan’s Tambadau. Wished I had a car like that.tdragarrivalofmonsters (34 of 63)This photo is amongst the few that really got me some satisfaction for coming to Tawau.tdragarrivalofmonsters (38 of 63)The Quantum crew helped out in cleaning the pad. Kinda reminds me of some ballet act on stage.tdragarrivalofmonsters (40 of 63)Even though the pad was cleaned, there was some issues with it…..tdragarrivalofmonsters (47 of 63)With the pad being a little bit raised from the track, it caused some vehicles to lose traction upon the drop but thumbs up to the organizers for rectifying the issue by pushing the launch area further forward therefore eliminating the issue altogether.tdragarrivalofmonsters (44 of 63)I didn’t realize how big these things are. Most racers were very hands on with their vehicle and team – same goes to Rudy who is always nearby to put his hands in and help out.tdragarrivalofmonsters (41 of 63)I was really into this particular car……tdragarrivalofmonsters (42 of 63)but it didn’t manage to run due to an issue with the fuel regulator (which was what I was told) I loved the look of the car though and that engine bay was cool.tdragarrivalofmonsters (48 of 63)As we went back to the main area I caught this nice Mitsubishi Sapporo rumbling down the road.tdragarrivalofmonsters (43 of 63)Everyone was still registering themselves into their respective catergories but we were quickly losing sunlight.tdragarrivalofmonsters (37 of 63)Funny how times passes by so quickly when you are having MOTORING FUN!tdragarrivalofmonsters (39 of 63)Other entrants came down too albeit a little late.tdragarrivalofmonsters (45 of 63)We managed to catch Compact Garage’s run. Can you make out who are in those seats?tdragarrivalofmonsters (49 of 63)But the sun had to leave us in a haste and so most teams and racers had to retreat back to their camps and do whatever last minute changes that is needed.tdragarrivalofmonsters (50 of 63)Some creative lighting had to be employed to get the work done.tdragarrivalofmonsters (51 of 63)I was just glad that I carried some cameras with their Digic5 sensors which allowed me to get my photos in Tawau without relying on my flashgun.tdragarrivalofmonsters (52 of 63)OH WON’T YOU GET ME SOME BRIDE SEATS WITH TAKATA HARNESSES!!!!!!tdragarrivalofmonsters (53 of 63)This colourful cockpit is the innards of Compact Garage’s entrant. Cool huh? and no that not the steering wheel being set too high, thats where it hangs when tuning is being done.tdragarrivalofmonsters (54 of 63)The chaps from Compact Garage showed their mettle when they did their fix in the low light conditions of their pit area. I was one of the many audience that was glued in seeing them making their adjustments.tdragarrivalofmonsters (55 of 63)Of course helping hands were always welcomed.tdragarrivalofmonsters (56 of 63)On the other side was the other racers who had to do their adjustments with the help of a few cars.tdragarrivalofmonsters (57 of 63)Chua Poh Guan’s Tambadau suffered a transmission problem which was a stroke of bad luck to me. I loved watching this thing run!tdragarrivalofmonsters (58 of 63)Rudy’s RX-7 was found resting with it’s owner at this hour as they prepared their plans for tomorrow.tdragarrivalofmonsters (59 of 63)When you think about the amount of passion these guys put into getting the right run it really humbles oneself and question ourself “Have I put in some serious effort into the things that I claim to be passionate about?” I pondered that as I left for the night.tdragarrivalofmonsters (63 of 63)Hairi was yapping on and on about this Ais Teler and Ayam Penyet place in Tawau on our way here. He said it was a must try so I relented and went over to let him have his fill.tdragarrivalofmonsters (60 of 63)This is what we came for and boy did he enjoy it!! because it only took a short while for him to clean it out and went for the next dish!tdragarrivalofmonsters (61 of 63)He was already quite done with the Ais Teler and started to train his eyes on the Ayam Penyet.tdragarrivalofmonsters (62 of 63)Which turned out to be amazing!!!! I will leave you here at Part 2 of our story and will continue with Part 3 soon! it’s back to the hotel room for some shut eyes for us!