Tawau Drag 2013 : The Road to Tawau Drag 2013

roadtotawaudrag (1 of 1) Probably one of our biggest event that we cover this year. I have personally never been anywhere past Sandakan and after weeks of deliberation between the Rahway crew, we decided that we were gonna hit Tawau Drag in a big way. Rahway style.

roadtotawaudrag (1 of 11) I did the driving from town and after 5 hours I gave up and passed the keys to Hairi. Note to self, driving to Tawau in a Kelisa with 8JJ rims is not a smart move when you have stock suspensions on your car.roadtotawaudrag (2 of 11) With a ton of top end camera gear we set on our way to Tawau not knowing what to expect.roadtotawaudrag (3 of 11) My car took the brunt of it as you can see from the photos above. Running with Hippari tires meant that we had to check for leakage whenever we can. It doesn’t help when you jump and fly over bumps that you can’t see on the road. roadtotawaudrag (5 of 11) But the road wasn’t bad all the way. There are those beautiful long stretches that you get to sprint thru and boy were we glad to make the decision to drive all the way there.roadtotawaudrag (6 of 11) We hit Tawau by nightfall and the town had this nice long wavy highway leading in. It was great to drive on solid highway coming into town. We also managed to catch this lorry that was sporting Japanese plates! can you see it?roadtotawaudrag (7 of 11) We came slightly earlier than all the other race teams and it shows since the town felt empty on our first night there.roadtotawaudrag (8 of 11) roadtotawaudrag (9 of 11)Here’s the thing about Tawau. There is a lot of amazingly modded cars and dress up rides but they were nowhere to be seen. When I got to the room we quickly went out to catch some interesting rides around town. But there were very little to catch.

However we did manage to catch this nice TR conversion on the road. Nice setup bro! roadtotawaudrag (10 of 11) We continued on hunting for dinner around town but we knew that we had to rest early for tomorrow is a big day.roadtotawaudrag (11 of 11)The next day would be the arrivals of the racers. I had to rest for the day that is coming on and it will be a superb day of motoring for all of us. Stay tune to our next post!