A drive for the old folks – with It’s JDM/MDM Yo!!!

IJMYCHARITY (1 of 1) I gathered with the guys from It’s JDM/MDM Yo!!! during that morning. With a mission that bears no connection to motoring but we shall get to that later. Let me introduce to you the latest group to roam the streets of KK.

IJMYCHARITY (1 of 29) It’s JDM/MDM Yo!!! is a group of car owners who are closely knitted together under one name (or shall I say two?) with no restriction of car ownership – hence the name.IJMYCHARITY (2 of 29) It’s a great atmosphere to be in and I have found myself to enjoy their company of jokers and car lovers alike. Not everything has to be taken so seriously.IJMYCHARITY (3 of 29) But on the 27th October they gathered for a purpose that brought them closer together as a family.IJMYCHARITY (4 of 29) We took the Kinarut-Papar Highway and drove together in a convoy towards our destination together.IJMYCHARITY (5 of 29) Hairi (fellow Rahway colleague) told me to take note the spinning wheel that was on Boo’s (fellow It’s JDM/MDM Yo!!! member) car. Pretty cool mixture eh? you just can’t go wrong with BBS styled rims.

IJMYCHARITY (6 of 29)But here’s Mochid (another member) showing that BBS is not the only choice. IJMYCHARITY (7 of 29) With a quick pit stop in Sabindo we shot out to our destination in a rather slow paced convoy.IJMYCHARITY (8 of 29)Oh I think it’s only fair to mention that this is probably one of the few car groups that has more than one female car owner. During this event they all drove themselves there.  IJMYCHARITY (9 of 29) Everybody got themselves here all in the right time. As they parked in an orderly fashion, we all got together and planned out how we will be carrying the duties that was laid ahead for the day.IJMYCHARITY (10 of 29)It was great to see that these guys took a leapt forward to do something selfless and contribute to the community in a big way.IJMYCHARITY (11 of 29) Charity is taking a big role in motoring these days in Kota Kinabalu. Before this It’s JDM/MDM Yo!!! carried out their charity plan, I was involved in another event by DBP and PERMOS who also planned out a Charity convoy which included Kenarianz, VIVAC and W.O.C.S. but thats a bigger story and we will be having that on later this month.IJMYCHARITY (12 of 29) For you see, today the guys for It’s JDM/MDM Yo!!! made their way to St. Pritchard Old Folks Home in Kinarut.IJMYCHARITY (13 of 29) They brought gift in the form of food items packed for everyone in the home. I have to say I lost myself for awhile there when this photo was taken which caused the shake in the photo.IJMYCHARITY (14 of 29) They gave their time to listen out what the folks had to say. Like this man who lost his leg and was placed in the care of St. Pritchard’s staff. He was cheerful to see the visitor he had for the day and was cracking jokes with the boys.IJMYCHARITY (15 of 29) I guess it is a little bit tough to have time past by with very little company.IJMYCHARITY (16 of 29) Some other members gave their time to help a little further than the other. IJMYCHARITY (17 of 29) The main areas of the old folks were well kept. As I walked thru some of the areas I felt as if time has forgotten this place.IJMYCHARITY (18 of 29) I hope I’m putting some awareness to you guys to help out and pay a little attention to these matters. It really doesn’t hurt to take a portion of our fun time and put it to good use.IJMYCHARITY (19 of 29) Taking the time to go there and doing even the smallest thing would be a big thing for these folks.IJMYCHARITY (20 of 29)They have more to share than you would expect.IJMYCHARITY (21 of 29) IJMYCHARITY (22 of 29)  In the next two weeks we will be featuring our other charity story but as for now I hope you take a look at the images and just let it sink in for the moment. IJMYCHARITY (25 of 29) IJMYCHARITY (26 of 29) The boys walked out of the main complex a little more quieter than they had been when they came in. I knew the message of the day got to their heart. With a slightly more deafened smiled we got together to mark the day…..IJMYCHARITY (27 of 29) ….I know I will see you guys again next year for the same reason. IJMYCHARITY (28 of 29) Before we left everybody came up to get their Monogram stickers from us. Thanks for the support guys and make sure this becomes a tradition for years to come. IJMYCHARITY (29 of 29)