Rahway Rides – Fiz’s 03′ Vios

viosfiz (30 of 1) As the car parked in front of me I began to wonder. In KK, the customizing scene has began to take roots in a much more younger crowd. Back in the days, it used to extend to rims or stickers but these days younger motorist are beginning to take things seriously.
viosfiz (30 of 6) This is where Fiz has taken his Vios. With a set of Thailand based design skirting installed it complements the Vios’s dimension giving it a better look running thru the streets of KK. To set a nice tone while cruising, a Jasma exhaust found its home in his ride.viosfiz (31 of 6) Notice that he kept the car clean of stickers when normally that is currently done by matte painted cars? This is how it was done back in the days before the mash-up of USDM, JDM and Thailand (TDM is it?) It’s a reminder of an era of clean looking custom cars. Fiz has taken the measures to pull off this look rather nicely. A coat of Diamond Blue with custom flake mixture has been applied on the car by a fellow friend of his who goes by the name of Yahya.

viosfiz (30 of 1)-3Vossen styled rims are in this year. Fiz opted for a set of 17 inchers with 9jj width front to back. Wrapped by a set of Pace tires 205/40 which provides a very low profile to the fitment. Once the Vossen inner lip stickers are installed the setting is completed. As for the lowering of his ride he chose to switch the original springs to aftermarket offerings by APM.

Fender shaping was done by Wan of Kenarianz and JJ of Borneo Kelisa Club who told me it was tough to deal with the Vios’s body panel due to the fact that it’s slightly thicker than the usual.

viosfiz (32 of 6) Did I mention that he hails from Tawau? Fiz also has an older brother that rolls with the current generation Vios. When we get to Tawau, we might wanna check out his ride and of course you would be seeing it here on our site in the future.

viosfiz (33 of 6) He’s also a member of Total – First & Exclusive a team based in Tawau and also a member of Tawau Vios Club.viosfiz (34 of 6)As for the ICE setup for his ride, he sorted out a Mohawk woofer together with a Block Audio pre-amp. The stock head unit has been replace….

viosfiz (30 of 1)-2by a 2 DIN Reverse headunit! Looking good brah! viosfiz (35 of 6)Fiz’s tops it all off with a custom interior wrap which personalizes his car totally to another level.

Fiz would like to thank his family and his crew members of Total and Tawau Vios Club for supporting this awesome build. He has told me that in the future we might be seeing a turbo kit and a set of Work Meisters finding their way into the car. I for one, will be waiting to cover the updates.