Motoring : KK Motoring Community Giving Back

wocs (1 of 1)Some time ago someone place the idea that vehicle ownership is not a privilege but a responsibility. I gotta say, thanks for the wake up call Wadie. So here I’m on this very day to see members of the Kay-kay’s motoring clans to come out and lend a hand instead of burning rubber or sound blasting. It was a clear sign that they were more focused into the charity work at hand that day to the point that the didn’t even bother to clean up their vehicle.

wocs (5 of 33)The task at hand on that day was to clean up and beautification of the State Mosque in Sembulan. Other than the basic cleaning of the mosque, the task for the day included painting the side curbs within the compound of the mosque.

wocs (10 of 33)We started the morning with a speech by YB Datuk Haji Mohd Arifin Haji Mohd Arif followed by a speech by the Director of YADIM.

wocs (1 of 1)-2

wocs (14 of 33)One of those moments where I wish I wasn’t the photographer.

wocs (18 of 33)AdKhairil was there to carry the OP’s job for day. One of our biggest contributors for car culture KK scene.

wocs (1 of 33)Keep it up bro!

wocs (13 of 33)After all the opening ceremony everyone was eager to get to their respective tasks.

wocs (20 of 33)10,000 Langkah was there to pitch in their part in the charity. These ladies came to paint the curb in the hot midday sun.

wocs (17 of 33)Prime Perdana Club (PPC) came down along to pitch in the cleaning of the toilet and the wuduk area. wocs (32 of 33)MyAlza club tended to the trash and litter.

wocs (31 of 33)They were also joined in by other groups like Highway Star…..

wocs (28 of 33)GT Crew….

wocs (33 of 33)There were many other groups that tended to the general cleaning of the most. I couldn’t catch up to all of them! here we see Transporter discussing the task for the day. I also remember that Laskar Cinta was there to lend a hand too!

wocs (29 of 33)While others brought tools to get their work done. Hats off to you bro. I caught you working by yourself at the back of the mosque.

wocs (23 of 33)Food was served during the start of the event. For those who missed their breakfast to help out, it was great to have these awesome serving of food.

wocs (25 of 33)Who ever said charity work is tough or boring. It won’t be when you come down with your whole clansmen.

wocs (21 of 33)I gotta say it’s great to be around W.O.C.S Family. You guys rock!

wocs (30 of 1)UPDATE : This photo wasn’t originally in the article but thanks to Neiji of Kenarianz, we manage to get some of the unsung heroes of the day who cleaned the Jenazah Preparation room.

wocs (22 of 33)This ‘Uncle’ here was extra awesome. He’s actually a local business owner (which I don’t need to mention here) but he came down with his grasscutter and did the work himself. He also later on brought boxes of drinks for everyone’s consumption.

wocs (26 of 33)SBC came down too. However don’t judge them by this dashing photo because…..

wocs (27 of 33)They really got their hands dirty for the day.

wocs (15 of 33)Majeed of PPC and Neija of Kenarianz disscussing with fellow SIC member. During the event, PPC and Kenarianz involved themselves with three planting for the compound of the mosque.

wocs (16 of 33)What was the discussion about? Certificate of Appreciation that is handed out to all the clubs involved.

wocs (8 of 33)It was a great event held for the day. It really reminds us that as much as we have fun with our motoring hobby, we should remember to set the tone with some charity work…

wocs (7 of 33)We tend to forget the ones who are in the need and less fortunate. With what we have at hand we can from time to time contribute to our society.

wocs (24 of 33)We from Rahway Streetwear walked away with the wanting to contribute in future charities. As for now, let’s get back to motoring shall we?