Barbecue with the W.O.C.S Family

wocs (1 of 8)Guess where we are heading to?

wocs (6 of 8)Why to the beach of course!

wocs (4 of 8)Well this wouldn’t be much of a post if it’s just a trip to the beach. We joined the W.O.C.S Family for a barbecue nearby Beringgis. We from Rahway Automotive Streetwear would like to thank the W.O.C.S Family for extending an invitation for us and letting us fuel up our tummy for the travel of the day ahead.

wocs (7 of 8)We joined the barbecue of W.O.C.S Family Zone 4 ( Sabindo-Sipitang ) there, we were met by their zone leader – Pg. Shafie.

wocs (8 of 8)He later filled us in during our lunch ( heh we really did enjoy it ) that W.O.C.S Family is meant for the family and friends of the Wira Owner Club Sabah or better known as the W.O.C.S. The true purpose of the event was to serve as an open house to all the other member in all zones. With a motto like “Where any cars can join us” the turn was great for the day. Me and Hyeri settled in with the group and enjoyed our morning.

wocs (2 of 8)Of course the glorious grubs really helped out for us to enjoy our morning!

wocs (3 of 8)And when I talk about food, oh boy – I mean serious food!

wocs (5 of 8)Fiez of W.O.C.S brought in his ride for entertainment.

wocs (1 of 1)Because this car is just a party waiting to happen.

wocs (7 of 8)I hope the readers do not assume that the W.O.C.S is all about motorsport and fun. They have worked with NGOs in the past to help create support and awareness for certain causes. One such cause is the Pink Ribbon and you can find their previous support for the cause here. And this is where the club humbles me РI hope we all remember that the ownership of a vehicle is not a privilege but rather a responsibility that provides us the opportunity to do some good in the community.

We wanted to stay but we had to leave for the day but we had an awesome time with the guys from W.O.C.S Family. I’m sorry we couldn’t stay for the photoshoot that was supposed to follow later in the day but I’m sure I will get a chance to make up for it in the future.