Wan’s 04′ Kancil – It’s MDM yo!!!

wan's05'kancil (1 of 1)It’s rare to see someone who opts to perfect his wimp but still retaining it’s MDM roots. And that is where it matters the most, roots. Don’t get me wrong guys, I too like to rock JDM on my ride but rocking MDM? sentiki for you!! So here’s a 850EZ Limited Edition Kancil owned by fellow member of It’s JDM/MDM Yo!!! – Wan.

wan's05'kancil (2 of 8)This here is Wan’s first ride that he got from his family but later on paid for by himself. Nothing like earning your car man. The current look of the car is due to Wan’s influence by the Thailand car scene (F*ckin Car-Low Damn & Masterwork Garage Unique) oh yea, the Thai fever has officially hit town.

wan's05'kancil (1 of 8)However it didn’t always rock this current look. Wan used to be very into Japan’s VIP Movement and even fitted a Mercedes grill onto this car of his. In the past this Kancil used to be coated in Metallic Mandarin an option that compliments his youthful nature. Like Jex in our previous article, a change of season proved to be unavoidable. So he set work to update his charriot into it’s current appearance.

wan's05'kancil (3 of 8)A set of TE37SL found home here at R15/8JJ wrapped by Nangkang 165/45 and with that out of the way a new coat of paint was laid upon this baby of his – a custom mixture of metalic brown. I gotta say, I’m diggin’ the look.

Fitment and Stance on this Kancil was done by none other than the OnenightStance crew. So you know that Win and Awai has lent their personal touches on the ride. With a 2 VS 4 front to back cambering, this Kancil is looking mean prowling the streets of KK.

wan's05'kancil (4 of 8)

wan's05'kancil (7 of 8)Noticed the Lightning Audio sticker? it’s not just for show. Here we have the 10″ sub thumpin’ Wan whenever he drives.

wan's05'kancil (6 of 8)Oil Cooler on the exterior for a tiny taste of JDM on his ride really sets the car off nicely. Let’s not forget that mustache too!

wan's05'kancil (5 of 8)For a work in progress that has been in the making since 2012 I gotta give Wan a thumbs up. It’s clean and full of personal expression.

wan's05'kancil (8 of 8)It was cool as we managed to hang ten with the guys of It’s JDM/MDM Yo!!! and discussed about the car. Wan went thru a long journey in making this ride of his (which included 2 sets of rims prior to the current one – those two sets included a set of Watanabe Black Racing and Pegasus EXE) He told me that none of this would be possible without the support of his family and further encouragement  of the It’s JDM/MDM Yo!! crew. We discussed also about his plans of changing into a Honda Jazz in the future – where we are assured that when it is done, it will definitely ooze the same flava.