Rides : Jex’s 96′ Honda – Change of Season

rahwayjex's96'honda (1 of 1)I knew Jex prior to this article. Some of you may remember that this car was featured before in Borneo Tuner Magazine. That is if you can still recognize it, the looks of the car has come a long long way since then.

rahwayjex's96'honda (4 of 10)Back then, this Civic used to be coated with a color called Jade Green and the engine ran a blown setup. Turbocharge of course. Since then Jex has opted to go in the direction of stance. As the car culture movement shifted towards a new trend, so does the Civic. A change of season if you must.

rahwayjex's96'honda (5 of 10)First off, Jex decided to slap on a new paint onto his ride. That chosen color is matte black that also has a fading effect during the midday sun.

rahwayjex's96'honda (1 of 10)

rahwayjex's96'honda (2 of 10)

rahwayjex's96'honda (9 of 10)Then it came to selecting the right shoes for this precious Civic. For this purpose a set of Enkei wheels wrapped by Goodyear NCT 5 (175/50/R15 8JJ) in the front and Dunlop SP Sport (195/50/R15 9JJ) in the rear.

rahwayjex's96'honda (8 of 10)For you Stance lovers out there, the recipe isn’t done yet. As far as tires and wheels are concerned, that is just one half of the recipe. Jex has the cambers set to -5 in the front while the rear is at -4.

rahwayjex's96'honda (7 of 10)As of now, the mods stops here but if I Jex – there will always be more to come.

rahwayjex's96'honda (6 of 10)Did I mentioned that he’s apart of MH Auto? Do give them a visit!

Jex extends his special thanks to MH Auto, Rahway and to all who knows him. Thanksman, we can’t wait for your next change of season!