Rides : Tia’s 10′ Myvi Ezi – Queen of Stance

rahwaytiaonenightstance (5 of 12)Let’s see, Neon Matte Pink? check. Mexiflush fitment? check. Female Car Enthusiast? DOUBLE CHECK.

What we are looking at now is a member of the Onenightstance crew. Tia, the sole female member of the group is the captain at the helm of this unique ride and she has gone thru the car culture with careful planning and real effort.

rahwaytiaonenightstance (2 of 12)Being apart of the OnenightStance crew, meant a couple of things. The first thing that would catch your eyes would be the paint job. Matte is the choice of color here. Secondly they put a very high priority on stance. As you can see here, she gotta it down all nice and sexy. I mean, a little bit of rub, gives you a little dub right?

rahwaytiaonenightstance (3 of 12)Lets go over the exterior mod for a second, Tia has opted for a Passo conversion over her Myvi which lands her into the JDM territory. The emblems and marking were all acquired to complete the look. I have to say, simplicity at times is the best option when pulling off a look like this.

rahwaytiaonenightstance (4 of 12)However this Myvi wasn’t always rocking this look. Tia went thru several themes with her car before finally choosing one. When she first acquired the car a few years back, it went thru it’s VIP period which include aftermarket skirting and interior goodies obtained from accessory shops around town. Then she famously went thru the Itasha phase and the car was given a front to back wrap with the Mashiromito character as a mascot. This last for about a year until she decide to get on the EDM/USDM bandwagon and flaunt the current look.

rahwaytiaonenightstance (6 of 12)Applying the current look is where it gets interesting for me, Tia here actually got involved in the process and got the assistance of her crew in getting things done. The sanding phase of the vehicle was mostly done by her and spraying was done by the OnenightStance crew members.

rahwaytiaonenightstance (7 of 12)As for fitment Tia explained that prior to this she had when thru her own period of wheel fetish. Prior to this the Myvi had a set of Work Meister 17″ set on to it with 7/8jj setup on it and later was changed to a set of BBS RS” with the same setup which she bought from the ever so famous Ujang Gino. Now that she going with this look the car has been fitted with a set of double lipped CE28 male/female.

rahwaytiaonenightstance (11 of 12)Fitment was assisted by her boys of OnenightStance. With a -5 adjustable cambering set for the rear she is all set to reign over the streets of KK. Chasing for the Mexiflush looks? Check.

rahwaytiaonenightstance (10 of 12)Location was ultra dirty.

rahwaytiaonenightstance (9 of 12)Tia also took our Rahway Monogram #10. Which is the last of the first batch. Lookin good yo.

rahwaytiaonenightstance (12 of 12)As the night starts to move in on us, we retired and left the scene to continue with our car culture hunting.

Tia also would like to give special thanks to everyone in the OnenightStance crew for helping her with her build, to Rahway for giving her first opportunity to feature her car and to Abang Man for supporting her with her passion.

To those who would like to get in touch with OnenightStance, 016-5864962 and ask for Awai Pejuang Nikon.