Rides : Wadie’s Wira – Perfection in Motion

rahwayshots (1 of 1)Where to begin, where to begin indeed. Here’s a ride that requires no further introduction in our local car scene. Wadie’s Wira is probably one of the most recognized W.O.C.S (Wira Owner Club Sabah) vehicle in KK. This is a MDM based ride but all JDM at heart and that is where everything counts when in comes to Wadie. I met Wadie not too long ago during my stint in Borneo Tuner. Back then this ride of his was not sporting the same look it is sporting now.

rahwayshots (1 of 15)This Wira started out it’s relationship with Wadie back in peninsular Malaysia but back in those days this used to belong to a friend of his who frequently rents it to Wadie when he is in KL. When the owner decided to let it go, he decided that he would acquire the Wira and their love story started from there. rahwayshots (2 of 15)Those of you who has rims fetish then this is his weapon of choice – a set of white TE37SL. Concave is in this time of the year and it is a great choice of rims to be rockin when you consider the car that it’s fitted to. It could just be me but I feel like it gives the Wira a bit of ‘rally appeal’ to itself, don’t you think?

rahwayshots (3 of 15)The interior has not been kept untouched, to the untrained eyes – it’s just another Wira but we would be quick to recognized that Wadie has installed a Lancer dashboard into his ride. Notice the row of meters on the dashboard?

rahwayshots (4 of 15)A row of Defi meters man!

rahwayshots (5 of 15)With the dashboard conversion, the car acquires the digital A/C controllers which was something I planned on having in my own Wira back then. The Alpine headunit seen here was supposed to be replaced by a newer model but we kinda rushed him for the photoshoot. Sorry brah!

rahwayshots (6 of 15)A pair of Bride Low Max has been installed to hug both the passenger and driver during their ride on the road and here’s the best part – one is carbon and the other is Kevlar. Talk about choice!

rahwayshots (7 of 15)The paint of the car was one of the latest addition that Wadie has laid on the car. The car used to be yellow back in the days and later turned into red but he chose this special blend of Candy Red to personalize his car. He turned to none other than the famous Fatak Auto for the paint job and I gotta admit – it’s a real crowd puller.

Notice the Borneo Tuner : Pray for Sabah sticker? that one of the 12 pieces of stickers released for that design.

rahwayshots (8 of 15)Let me guide you guys from top to bottom. See that supersized sun roof on the top? that’s custom fitted with tilt and slide action. Yes, it is fully functioning. The hood? Need I do anymore introductions here? but I will note the interesting paired up bumper from a Lancer. With a set of lower lips, it gave the car it’s own street cred and menacing look when attached to a set of fog lamps. Let us not forget to mention the old skool tape look on the lamps which pays homage to the old days of track racing style.

rahwayshots (9 of 15)And the heart of this fully pimped out ride is the venerable VR4 power plant. Tuned up by no other than Quantum Autoworks themselves. Never heard of them? are you insane?

rahwayshots (11 of 15)An assortment of Turbosmart items compliments the engine bay’s Samco hoses. And here is where Wadie’s planning comes into play. With a yellow engine bay, he chose to have a chromed out top cover which brings a little bit more of special attention to this baby of his. I’ve got to say this, I’m loving the contrast.

rahwayshots (12 of 15)Ultra Racing braces and Tomei Fuel Regulator? yum yum.

rahwayshots (13 of 15)

rahwayshots (14 of 15)There is so much more to be mentioned about this ride right here. In my opinion he has manage to reach perfection in his car mod journey. It was a humbling experience to talk to someone who has gone thru a lot in the car scene and dipping into his brain for advises in modding and purchases has thought us that we are barely scratching the surface ourselves in this culture.

rahwayshots (15 of 15)Here’s Wadie with his copy of the Tire Treks t-shirt he got from us. As the night got a little bit too late for us, we retired to KK’s Daikoku for a tok-kok and chingchong session. Thanks man. You are our official first RIDES article.