2 Days Compact Love

rahwayshots (2 of 10)Our day starts here as I found out last night that the ride on my dad’s old ninja was in serious need for attention. So I dropped by KK 4×4 Accessories to meet up with the boss in charge for a solution.

rahwayshots (1 of 10)As it turns out my coils were shot, causing the absorders to break. So a new set of King Coils Springs went in paired with a set of Titan Pro Absorbers. The result was amazing and the springs gave another inch to the height of the car. We then went over to one of our favorite workshop in town.

rahwayshots (3 of 10)We caught Donny of Compact Garage getting ready for work. With a simple meal and drink for breakfast, he was ready to talk shop with us.

rahwayshots (5 of 10)One of our Kei rides were having some issues and we thought that we could get it sorted out with Donny’s help. After a little bit of tinkering about, Donny gave us his diagnosis and told us to come the next day. We stayed a little longer to discuss about future mods that we can consider to be added into our cars.

rahwayshots (4 of 10)Guess what? we caught Daud working on a car while rockin the Hellabroke tshirt! thumbs up bro!

rahwayshots (6 of 10)So we left Compact Garage to rest for the day. We bought the parts we needed for tomorrow and decided to hit one of our favorite mamaks.

rahwayshots (7 of 10)Zubaidah! this place is located nearby Cyber City and we were told that the Myvi Crew guys like to gather here sometimes. Haven’t got a chance to run into them yet though.

rahwayshots (9 of 10)We came the next morning to settle the issue and Donny catered to our vehicle himself! thanks man!

rahwayshots (8 of 10)I just love being around here. The atmosphere is friendly and the work is top-notch. The fact that they are great with K-cars really helps things out too.

rahwayshots (10 of 10)I had to assist a fellow photographer buddy of mine on one of his jobs. After the job was done I decided to take one of my own shots for myself. Here it is, JC the photographer.

rahwayshots (1 of 1)-2As creatures of habit, we retired to Zubaidah. I leave you guys here with two notes : notice the Rahway fender stickers? contact us to order one! and wait for our next article!