Harbour City : Quickly becoming KK’s Daikoku?

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We took a night to hangout in Harbour City and checked out the scene about a week ago. The turnout was modest but we got to snap some rather interesting cars. However the night started from my drive way with some DIY project on Hairi’s car.

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Hairi planned to change the rear springs on his ride but found that the car was still riding too high. After much deliberation, he decided to cut the rear Mines springs to lower the back end further. Faizal, our resident ‘pomen’ (slang term for mechanic) assisted him in the project. Above was the two of them marking the cutting of the springs.

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Jeff being more familiar with power tools decided to take over the job of cutting the springs. Although this is not exactly recommended, we opted for it since it was the poor man solution to the ride height. After a quick cut and re-installation, the car was done and we proceeded to Harbour City to gather.

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SBC was the first group we ran into and they were gathering there to discuss matters on their upcoming Family Day in Keningau of which we will be doing a quick cover for them. So stay tune for some photos.

After their meeting we met their members again at the lot. I can’t help but notice the tire rims trend in KK at the moment.

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Concave rims are the in thing at the moment, ranging from Rotas and Volk offerings. These rims are damn nice to look at when they are set into a car since it commonly gives the ride a ‘beefier’ look – further contributing to the current Stance movement locally.

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All this prettiness comes at a price though, if the offset and the width of the rims is at a point where it pops out of the fenders – be prepared for some tire rubbin action. There is also the question of legality on the road whereby the local Department of Motor Vehicles imposed that the excess can only be within 1 inch from the fender. Which cued the act of rolling and flaring the fenders (knocking to some extent too which is we are seeing a lot of bent fenders around town lately) The owner of the car above is facing the same problem and even when he upgraded to fully adjustable suspensions, the problem still persisted.

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Matte paint is also the rage at the moment with cars ranging from Viva’s to Fairladies joining in the look. This particular Saga is rockin the matte teal/bronze concave TE37sl combination.

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Harbour City has been a haven for car lovers in KK simply because of Location – of course the big car park contributes a lot to the atmosphere too. Exiting the lot would bring you straight to the main highway which allows you to hoon your wimps a little bit. rahwayshots (7 of 15)

Which brings me to think that this is our version of Daikoku. What do you guys think?

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We also caught with some guys from OnenightStance and talked about their rides.rahwayshots (8 of 15)

As you can guess OnenightStance are about Stance and I have to say, they are quite legit about their cars. The guys were rather friendly and open to hangout.

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This Fairlady was also riding with them. It was rather nice to see a car at this level going through these kind of setup.

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I will part with you guys with a this photo of a tricked out Proton Arena. Kinda reminds me of N1’s GTR Arena huh?