A visit to a JDM accessory shop

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We started the day with general check up on our vehicle and decided to take a look at some JDM parts from local shops. We know that there are a couple of shops around town that sources out rare parts from Japan. Although they normally cater to mainly Kei cars, you might just get lucky sometimes with parts for bigger cars.

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Barry contemplating whether to give Sanleengleengpa a wash.

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The boys gathered at our make-shift ‘HQ’ before heading to the shop.

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We wanted to bring a gift for our buddy at the shop but alas, we forgot to take it into the car.

rahwayshots (9 of 16)We came and our jaws dropped. The place was covered from head to toe with JDM Kei car stuff, you name it and they will have it. From the L700 bumpers to chromed letter plates. We took our time to browse the place while forming up new ideas as to what we can part from the shop to further upgrade our rides.

rahwayshots (8 of 16)I swear if you were to zoom in to his lips in this photo, you can see him letting out a bit of saliva.

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As it turns out the shop belonged to a buddy of mine and we had a great chat session as he advised some of my buddies who were considering some heavy mods to be installed into their vehicles soon.

rahwayshots (7 of 16)We admit that we still do seek for advice on modding our cars as we realized that there will be others who are more knowledgeable or experienced in the matter. The boys clamored into the office as Ewan begin to chatter away some insides into the ideas that the boys planned to implement into their rides.

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While the inside was covered with parts and stuff, outside is where the action is. Here we are watching a fellow mechanic working on a fuel regulator. Is it Tomei or Sard?

rahwayshots (12 of 16)Tiny monsters sitting around the workshop waiting for action.

Which makes us wonder if there is any of you out there who is interested in featuring your vehicles? contact us!

Words by : Zulhaikal Mahdan